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"Drunk At Prom" is the title under which I record music on a sporadic, free time-dependent basis. Since there is no such thing as an "Artist Information" section that isn't self-indulgent and cringe-worthy, I'll try to make the dancing-about-architecture section brief:

  1. My primary aim is to make music that isn't awful.
  2. Sometimes this goal is abetted by outmoded, crappy keyboards (since they're cheap) or sequencers (since I don't play drums); this could be considered an idiosyncratic feature of my work.
  3. As Drunk At Prom, I try to make meaningful, but danceable, music. Other artists who do this abound — Le Tigre, Talking Heads, Arab Strap, the entire Anticon crew, My Dad Is Dead, and probably dozens more — and if you end up interested in my music, or just my M.O., you owe it to yourself to see what established musicians with studio budgets and production values can do.

I'm working on an LP, and have been for over a year now, but until I wrap it up, everything I record is yours to download. If you like what you hear, let me know via email. If and when I finish an album, I'll pull the majority of the MP3s, and try to make some packaging that's worth the price of a hardcopy. I will probably be turning to Daniel Danger for this.

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